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Chiropractic FAQ

Chiropractic FAQ

Q: What should I look for in a chiropractor near me?
Q: Will I get addicted to chiropractic adjustments?
Q: Why are so many visits necessary for some people and others are better after just one visit?
Q: Is chiropractic care for children?
Q: What conditions do chiropractors treat?
Q: Is chiropractic treatment safe?
Q: What does low force chiropractic mean?
Q: Do insurance plans cover chiropractic?
Q: Is chiropractic treatment ongoing?
Q: Is it OK to see a chiropractor if I'm pregnant?

Q. What is the simple explanation of how a SCENAR device works?
Q: What conditions can SCENAR treat?
Q: Is SCENAR safe?
Q: Is SCENAR therapy painful?
Q: Is SCENAR compatible with conventional medical treatments?
Q: What is the difference between SCENAR and TENS?

Genetic FAQ

Genetic Testing FAQ
Q. What is genetic testing and why should you consider it?
Q. What can I learn from testing?
Q. Should I be afraid of this testing?
Q. Will genetic testing affect my insurance coverage?
Q. Am I required to notify anyone about my genetic testing results?
Q. How can genetic testing help me with my weight issues?
Q. How can genetic testing help me plan my diet?
Cold Laser FAQ

Cold Laser FAQ
Q. What conditions can be treated with laser therapy?
Q. What are the benefits of cold laser therapy?
Q. How long does a laser treatment take?
Q. Is cold laser therapy safe?
Q. Are there any reasons I shouldn’t have cold laser therapy?
Q. How does cold laser therapy work?
Q. Is cold laser therapy painful?
Spinal Decompression FAQ

Spinal Decompression FAQ

Q. How does spinal decompression therapy work?
Q. What conditions can benefit from spinal decompression therapy?
Q. Are there any contraindications or people who should not do decompression therapy?
Q. Is my back, leg, neck, or arm pain the kind of condition that could benefit from decompression therapy?
Graston Technique FAQ

Graston Technique FAQ

Q: What is the Graston Technique, and how can it help me with scar tissue?
Q: How does the Graston Technique work to reduce scar tissue?
Q: Can you help with carpal tunnel syndrome or plantar fasciitis?
Q: Why is scar tissue a problem to begin with?
Q: Is the Graston Technique treatment painful?
Q: How many Graston Technique treatments will I need?
Q: What conditions can be treated with the Graston Technique?
Functional Medicine FAQ

Functional Medicine FAQ

Q. What is functional medicine?
Q. How long are the appointments?
Q. Is Dr. Ridley an M.D.?
Q. I don’t feel good, but everyone I see says that nothing is wrong with me, that all my lab tests are normal. Can functional medicine help?
Functional Medicine FAQ

Food Allergy FAQ

Q. What are the symptoms of food allergy or food sensitivity?
Q. What is “leaky gut”?
Q. Everybody has heard of wheat, but what is gluten?
Q. What are some gluten-free grains?
Q. Is there scientific evidence that people are allergic to gluten?
Q. What does “organic” mean?

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